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<3 [14 Sep 2013|04:47pm]
I miss you LJ!

Darn you RL and your incredible business D:
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Misti-Con [10 May 2013|09:50am]

And ready to draw some HP fanarty-goodness :D
If any of you are around, feel free to find me and request something <3
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Boston Marathon [15 Apr 2013|04:53pm]
To my fandom friends - I'm fine! I've never felt to lucky to be so lazy.

I hope all of you in the Boston area are safe and sound too <3
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Once Upon a Time has eaten my brain ;o; [09 Mar 2013|03:48pm]
I am like a voracious fanfiction eating machine when it comes to this pairing.
Belle/Rumpelstiltskin sketches ahoy!Collapse )
Oh yeah! And I got into Dental Hygiene school, so NEW CAREER HO!
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Snarry BigBang!! Also, a surprise [17 Jan 2013|10:07pm]
I loved participating in the Big Bang Challenges of yesteryear and was very excited to see one for my beloved OTP. I had the great pleasure of illustrating for not one but two beautiful Severus/Harry Big Bang stories! In both cases I had SO MANY IDEAS and SO LITTLE TIME! Reposted arts here <3

asecretchord's epic length mpreg Birth of a Dancing Star, which, in spite of its dubious title, I found quite lovely and romantic (and also chock full of plot!).
HP-in which Snape is forever aloneCollapse )
I really liked attempting a more modern design :)

And gin_tonic's fun Elementary Rituals, which I was attracted to from the get go. I'm such a sucker for patientlycourting!Harry XD
HP-Snarry-I can't resist a sex a barn [NSFW]Collapse )
I love coloring skin *g*

In other news: I have been following Once Upon A Time since it's premier, but I never thought to join it's fandom. But that RUMBELL ATE ME BRAIN! I am slowly working my way through Nym's A Bed of Thorns. Is anyone else on my flist into OUAT? I think this is my first canon, nonslash pairing. I feel oddly non-perverse :O
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Gifties [10 Jan 2013|08:25pm]
Since I am le poor, I made art for some of my friends!
Me and my RoommateCollapse )

Me and my BestieCollapse )
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2013 [03 Jan 2013|09:13pm]
2012 was a rocky year of ups and downs. I'm hoping this year will be better for several reasonsCollapse )

So that was mostly for me, but I have art for you! (a mermaid and a cute Christmas couple, which may or may not be me. hint, it is me!)Collapse )

Happy New Year everyone! And hopefully, I'll be seeing more of you <3
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Sad [03 Aug 2012|07:49pm]
I just broke up with my boyfriend. I adore him; he's a wonderful man and has been so kind to me, but we see things so differently. I put forth so much effort, but every step of the way my gut fought me. I keep waking up in the morning and my first thought is about how it's just not working out. And how frustrated I am that I've tried so hard and it feels like I haven't gotten anywhere. And how shitty I feel about myself when I'm with him. I feel sad. He's amazing, but we both deserve someone better matched.
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Doodle [21 Jun 2012|11:18pm]
Oh hai!

ladyCollapse )

This is my first digital painting in forever XD
I like how the colors came out!

Snarry doodles to come :D
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ART DUMP! [02 Jun 2012|10:29pm]
Like the title says! It's mostly sketches I've had laying around, or that were for brainstorming one fest or another.

HP-Snarry, R/Hr; HungerGames - Prim; original - some ladiesCollapse )

I know I rarely post, so thank you for dropping by!
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